Gifts for Teens

The anti “stuff” gift guides.

Each one of these items has been selected after careful thought and consideration. While I try my best to keep on the path of sustainable and ethical brands, I’m aware it is not perfectly portrayed in these gift guides. This shift is heavy, and will take time, but it’s important. Please shop with intention and don’t fall into the “buy everything/stuff” mindset.


Teen Gift Guide



The Breakdown



Before you scroll ANY further, this is my #1 gift recommendation for anyone and everyone on your gift list. It doesn’t matter their age or relationship to you – this is a GREAT gift.  I discovered   on a google search and it has been one thing that’s a positive impact on  my day without any extra effort on my part. These bundles are sourced from farms across the USA, and will immediately change your shower experience. Just simply hang the bundle of your choice from your shower head and your shower is immeidialy transformed to a relaxing, spa like moment. You can choose from scents like eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender

This gift is a great way to give your family member or friend a moment to recenter their mind and self without having to go out of their way to find the space in their day for themselves. 



2 pack portable chargers. These are a must in my busy house where we are all everywhere, all the time. Now there is NO EXCUSE for not responding to Mom’s texts…..their devices can never “die.” The chargers are light and slim so they are easy to stick in backpack and purses. Each has 2 USB output ports and work with the iPhone 8 and X as well as the Samsung Galaxy S9. 



Okay, I am absolutely absolutely WOWED by the sustainable and GORGEOUS cell phone cases that are available on the Casetify site. This shift towards ethical and sustainable has opened my eyes to the coolest things ya’ll, and while I do think $75 for a cell phone case is a HARD sell……it’s a GREAT present. It’s also a great way to start the conversation about being a smart and intentional consumer. 



 This KODAK Step Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer has bluetooth technology, so you can skip the annoying “finding the cord that I KNOW I put right here…..” but you can only find after you have tried at least 3 wrong cords from the “extra wires/cords cabinet. I love the sleek and slim design of this printer, it’s not BULKY. Also, how sweet will it be to have real pictures to hold again instead of scrolling through our phones to share memories?



The bubble candle trend….did these become popular b/c of Tik Tok? I just don’t know, I literally CAN’T KEEP UP with all the tik tok trends.  What I do know, these modern candles give a nod to mid century design (my personal favorite style,)look like a sculptural piece of art,  come in a range of colors and scents and are under $25. I had to add in these yarn candles too…for the creative one in your world. 



A customizable crewneck sweatshirt. The past year has been all about the hoodie, sweatpants, leggings, joggers and oversized t shirt life. And of COURSE, all the 80’s – 90’s trends are coming back with a vengeance. Some, I’m ready to embrace, others, I’ll keep them in my past. The crewneck style neckline is BACK y’all, and this customizable crewneck sweatshirt embraces ALL the trends, and will make the recipient of this sweatshirt feel special b/c who doesn’t like something customized just for them? 



The return of Converse shoes is definitely here…but you know what other trend is back? The color GREEN. It’s everywhere y’all. Green had it’s MOMENT back in the 90’s into the early 2000’s – do you remember the hunter green cars everyone had? Thats how deep the green trend was, and it’s back. While I love all of these options, I do have need to say, I love that Converse has made a sustainable option in this specific shoe. There are many sustainable options on the site, so be sure to check all of them out too!



Kindred Leaders is one of my favorite instagram accounts to follow. I love the way the founder, Jessica, approaches social justice and advocates for change in our society. I was SO excited when they launched their merchandise, I immediately went and purchased IT ALL. But change starts with conversation and then empowerment. If there is something that our children generation has taught us, it’s that they are NOT okay with the status quo. If you have a young one that uses their voice to advocate for what they believe is right, this reusable bag is a great way to remind them that their voice matters and they will make a difference in this world. I am personally using these to WRAP presents as a sustainable option to traditional wrapping paper and bags. 



We lost a legend when RBG left this world. It’s important that our children know who she was, what she did and everything she stood for. RBG left us with many iconic and inspirational quotes about life, but this one resonates so much with me. We need to encourage our children to speak their mind and have open and honest conversations with us. We also need to encourage them to speak up when they see something or hear something that isn’t right. This piece of art is a great reminder to all of us to live that way. 



Dainty jewelry is where it’s at right now. This necklace can be customized to your teens name, you can choose a font and it comes in 3 different metal options. This gorgeous anklet and letting y’all know, this trend will be EVERYWHERE in 2022. Be cool and ahead of the trends – anklets are a top trend for 2022. 



Customizable water bottles with a straw…..I don’t think I have to say much about these except that this is a practical gift that will be used almost on a daily basis. It’s a great under $25 gift. 



The past few years have really taught us that we need to focus more on mental health and inner peace. This is especially true for our teens who are always “connected” to the outside world and have days where they consume more than they create. This color shifting holographic puzzle is a great activity to encourage someone to “slow down” and relax their mind. In the same thought process, encouraging our young adults to stop and WRITE is important. This is why the happiness journal made this list. Sometimes our kids just need to be told that it’s okay to unplug, connect with their own thoughts and create. 



The tune out musical sleep mask….because who doesn’t need to tune out. Also, I KNOW THIS ITEM IS BACKORDRED, but I am keeping this on the list. This is a great gift for anyone who needs to block out light, and it’s a great accessory to take on road trips so you can block out light and sound. If you know someone who sleeps best with white noise or music on, this is a great gift for them and it will be worth the wait. 



Let’s be real- comfy house slippers are always a great gift, and what makes these UGG fuzzy home slippers great is that while they keep your feet warm, they also have a strap on the back so that your foot is secure in the slipper. Theses slippers come in a many color options and a few patters as well, so there is an option for everyone! If the person you are purchasing for is not a house slipper person, I HIGHLY recommend these Barefoot Dreams In the Wild Socks. These are thicker than regular socks and so soft. These socks keep feet warm and toasty and are a great alternative to house slippers. 



These under $20 bracelets are on trend, come in multiple colors, are unisex and meet all “teen” requirements. Paracord bracelets have the perfect amount of texture without snagging on fabrics and becoming a hassle to wear. 



Accessories for all the technology….well, really just phones. This customizable phone stand is a great under $25 gift. Can we discuss what a great idea these charging cord bracelets are? no long wires in a purse or bag to deal with. They just need to carry the “block” and this bracelet is there to charge! 



Full disclosure, I kind of wanted to put this shirt on the Mom/MIL gift guide….b/c the amount of times I’ve heard the word “bruh” the past few months….I always respond with, “I’m not your bruh, I’m your MOM!” This “bruh” shirt is a great and fun gift to give that modern slang speaking teenager in your world. 



Cold weather accessories like this customizable hat are a great and easy gift. If you want to makes it even more practical and a complete set….pair them with these beautiful gloves and BAM,  a thoughtful and useful present. You are welcome. 



We are all grateful for those teens that still want to play card games like “What do you MEME?” instead of having their faces glued to their phones. Whats great about this game is that while it’s a perfect blend of their world and ours….a card game that uses MEMEs as the theme. If you want something a little more interactive, the bounce battle game looks like a kid friendly version of beer pong…..which most of us know is a fun game:) 



Candles….again….I know, but these are edgier and a little more dramatic….right? The “your room stinks” candle is a great candle to gift as a hint to your son or daughter – It’s funny but gets the message across. I love the hand candle just straight up for the DRAMA of it. This is a great gift to that creative, theater child that lives to act out dramatic moments. 



Teens – Too old for “night lights” but young enough to appreciate the design of these gemstone sensor lights. These lights are  made with the stone of your choice,  amethyst, rose quartz, or white quartz, and are powered with LED bulbs. They have a built-in sensor and are programmed to light up automatically when a room gets dark, shutting off again as daylight returns. The LED name light is a cute and personalized way to decorate a room while being functional. You can customize the color & font to make this match the space it will live in. 



Body care products for teens. This can be a touchy subject. We are going to stay for away from any of that, and I’m going to skip to my suggestions….the Ilia setting spray is a great way to lock in make up, moisturizes skin and protects skin from blue light and daily pollutants. Next up, the Public Goods body wash. Most body products at the “clean beauty, paraben free” level of this body wash are so much more the $4.50 price, this should be in all the showers in a house. I think this one is my favorite body wash to date. This body wash lives in my teenage sons bathroom, so I can 100% say, it’s teenage boy approved. And of course, back again this year on my gift guide – the wildflower soap petals. EVER teenager that has been gifted these has loved them.



The scalp massager has become a staple in our hair washing routines in my house. Simply massage your shampoo into your scalp with this product. It’s an easy way to care for your scalp, help with dandruff and increases blood circulation. This scalp massager is available in multiple colors and has an ergonomic design to make it easy to use.  The bear claw back scratchers come in a pack of 4, with different colored handles so each teen can have their own. The arm of these extends out to approximately 23 inches so these are very easy to use.