Gifts for Teachers

The anti “stuff” gift guides.

Each one of these items has been selected after careful thought and consideration. While I try my best to keep on the path of sustainable and ethical brands, I’m aware it is not perfectly portrayed in these gift guides. This shift is heavy, and will take time, but it’s important. Please shop with intention and don’t fall into the “buy everything/stuff” mindset.


Gifts for Teachers



The Breakdown:



Before you scroll ANY further, this is my #1 gift recommendation for anyone and everyone on your gift list. It doesn’t matter their age or relationship to you – this is a GREAT gift.  I discovered   on a google search and it has been one thing that’s a positive impact on  my day without any extra effort on my part. These bundles are sourced from farms across the USA, and will immediately change your shower experience. Just simply hang the bundle of your choice from your shower head and your shower is transformed to a relaxing, spa like moment. You can choose from scents like eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender

This gift is a great way to give your family member or friend a moment to recenter their mind and self without having to go out of their way to find the space in their day for themselves.