Gifts for Mom/MIL

The anti “stuff” gift guides.

Each one of these items has been selected after careful thought and consideration. While I try my best to keep on the path of sustainable and ethical brands, I’m aware it is not perfectly portrayed in these gift guides. This shift is heavy, and will take time, but it’s important. Please shop with intention and don’t fall into the “buy everything/stuff” mindset.


Gifts for Moms



The Breakdown: 



Before you scroll ANY further, this is my #1 gift recommendation for anyone and everyone on your gift list. It doesn’t matter their age or relationship to you – this is a GREAT gift.  I discovered   on a google search and it has been one thing that’s a positive impact on  my day without any extra effort on my part. These bundles are sourced from farms across the USA, and will immediately change your shower experience. Just simply hang the bundle of your choice from your shower head and your shower is immeidialy transformed to a relaxing, spa like moment. You can choose from scents like eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender

This gift is a great way to give your family member or friend a moment to recenter their mind and self without having to go out of their way to find the space in their day for themselves. 



If you want to gift your Mom or Mother-in-Law a luxurious skin care ritual – the Kansa wand with Radiant Rani serum is a the duo that will do it. The combination of ingredients in the Radiant Rani serum is known in Ayurveda as a “miracle elixir. The serum not only brightens & soothes  (thanks saffron), it addresses inflammation in skin (thanks turmeric,) and helps with circulation (thanks manjistha.) The Kansa wand is a skin tool that plumps, depuffs, firms, and softens fine lines, which is GREAT and all, but what I LOVE about this tool is that is focuses more on skin health. When using the Kansa wand, if acids are released from the body, your skin will turn gray that easily wipes off. This is your skin detoxing. Gift these two items together or separately, your MOM or Mother in law will love you for this.



I don’t feel like there is much I can say on these two items except that this is an a great way to gift luxury. This 100% pure silk pillowcase has been recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers and beauty experts. Silk is significantly less absorbent than other textiles, so this pillowcase helps keep your skin’s moisture and expensive face and hair products on your face and hair, not your pillow. Ordinary pillowcases can cause hair to pull, potentially damaging hair. you can pair this 100% silk pillowcase with the eye mask to gift  your mom the beauty rest she deserves.



In the spirit of gifting our friends and family items that contribute to their wellness, next up – essential oil diffusers. We can all attest to how scents can trigger memories, feelings and have an impact on a person’s emotion health. all 3 of these options are aesthetically gorgeous and could match multiple styles of decor. I suggest pairing a diffuser with oils from Bursera, an ethically sourced brand. Also, Bursera plants a tree for every order completed, brands like this are making a difference in the world – I’m here for it. 



I stand behind ANY product by Abhati Suisse. I credit this brand for bringing my hair back to LIFE post thyroidectomy. Here is what I know, these luxury hair products work well on ALL hair types, lather up beautifully and take your hair washing routine into an experience. Another thing I know – the give back component of this brand is something that every mom appreciates. If you are interested in reading about the brand, and their amazing founder, Anju Rupal, you can read my interview with her here. It’s obvious I could go on about this brand forever, but lets talk about the reason these products are on my gift guide.. they work wonders on hair softness & shine, help with scalp health and more than that, will make hair washing enjoyable again.



Pearls are on on Trend for 2022, that’s a given. I love the modern and minimalist style of the gold pearl necklace – it makes a statement and has the modern twist. It pairs beautifully with the pearl and gold bracelet. These could be given as a set, but I have ordered each to be individual gifts as well. Simple and wearable jewelry is always a hit.



Personalized gifts….these always bring up the feels. here is what I don’t suggest – another mug. Thats all I’ll say. The modern photo cube is personal and something that can be placed somewhere your mom will see it everyday. The personalized art takes a picture and transforms it into a beaitufil piece of art. What I love about both of these items is that they are unique and can elevate a space while still having meaning. A personalized necklace is a great gift for mom, but please don’t put kids names on it….write her name, she does exist as a person outside of motherhood, and intentional gifts are a great way to remind her of that.



If the woman you are shopping for is someone who likes to be under a blanket, loves soft and cuddly clothes, there is nothing more I can recommend higher than either of the two cardigans above. Essentially the only difference between the two is the length. I’ve 5’2 (on a good day) and the longer one hits me mid calf. It’s more “robe like” on me, so just keep that in mind when choosing between the two. The crewneck cashmere sweater is made with sustainable cashmere and has over 50k 5 star ratings. It is a good one. 



Sustainable and ethically made travel bags. I love to use bags like this when I’m using a larger purse….it helps keeps items organized and I can find things more easily. The minimal and easy style of these make transferring and traveling with items easier all while looking gorgeous. 



Hand cream – a great gift especially with the cold(er) weather approaching. The Ranavat sacred rose hand cream has a beautiful rose scent and will leave skin feeling moisturized without feeling greasy. For those that do not want a floral scent, I recommend the Eu-Genia (you-geh-knee-ah) shea butter. Yall, this shea butter is FOR REAL, made with 80% unrefined shea butter. Eu-Genia shea butter is a multi use balm, it can be used on your face, elbows and feet and lips. It can also be used as a deep hair conditioner, eyebrow/lash hold, makeup primer/remover, post-shave balm. This is a GREAT under $15 gift. 



Nécessaire’s body set. This is a clean beauty brand that has products perfect for all skin types.The set includes a soft and gently exfoliator, cleanser, moisturizer for your body. After first use your mom will notice a visible change in her skin. These products work well with all skin types – the products are hypoallergenic. My personal testament about these – each product does its job without leaving your skin greasy, the shower slippery and without adding fussiness to the showering and self care part of your day. 



This Nespresso single serve coffee maker is one that is on my counter at home. I can personally attest to the fact that it does create a nice, light. frothy layer on top of your coffee mug, which is RARE to find in a single serve coffee maker. I did not buy into the whole single serve coffee maker trend when it first happened b/c of the WASTE they create. What I love about Nespresso is that they recycle their coffee pods. You can read all about their recycle program here. Once I knew they recycled their pods, and saw the great choices in coffee flavors,  this brand was a “go” for me. It’s a great gift for any mom who enjoys a cup of coffee everyday, or if they are like me, every once in a while. 



This cork wheel is a great gift for moms at any stage of life. Use it to massage your spine, strengthen your core, and, when you’re sore from life, release tension in your muscles.