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    “Virtual or in person school? masks or no masks….but YOU as the teacher need to be prepared for both and also – relearn everything about the way you do your job….but also tell me details on how my child is doing…..why are you so tired???”

    Our educators are starting the 2021-2022 year ALREADY TIRED.
    We wanted to do something to support them, and thankfully the opportunity to post teacher wish lists came up – so we grabbed it….Y’all, here is our chance to RAISE UP the teachers who work so hard and answer all the questions above with grace and patience.
    Check out these teacher wishlists from across the country – I’m so proud to use my platform to help make our educators lives a little easier.
    • Christine DeAngelo –Hello, I am Christine DeAngelo and I teach 5th Grade in Hamilton, NJ. This is my 13th year teaching and I absolutely love it!!! My students and I would appreciate any school supplies you can donate! Thank you in advance!
    • Tara Goldwyn –Many students feel embarrassed or won’t ask for supplies because others are around. I like to help my students individually to help keep their confidence levels up through social emotional learning. These are a few items that would help my new office and students in my school. Any help is so gratefully appreciated.

    The address for the school is as follows:

    244 President St
    Simmons Pinckney Middle School
    Attn: Tara Goldwyn

    Charleston, SC 29403

    • Kama –Hi! My name is Kama and I teach first grade in Iowa. My students and I would be SO grateful if you would be able to help support our classroom! Thank you for considering 🙂
    • Anna –Hi! My name is Anna and I am a special education teacher at an elementary school in Buffalo, NY. I have been teaching SPED for 7 years now and I cannot imagine life without my happy littles 💕 I am currently on maternity leave with my new baby boy and will be returning to my classroom in October! This year, I am focusing on organizing my classroom… whew! I am truly grateful, from the absolute bottom of my heart, for each and every one of you! 💕 Wishing you all a happy and healthy upcoming school year 💙💙
    • Adriana Mendoza’s –Hi! Este año sería mi tercer año enseñando Kínder! (It’s my third year in Kinder!) I am in my literal dream job working and supporting students that were like me and I would just love your help in supplying them with everything they need. Regardless, thank you so much for your generosity and for all of the students/teachers this will help!❤️
    • Mrs. B.’s First Grade Wish List –The items on this list will go towards creating hands on activities and engaging lessons for my first grade students. Your help and generosity is very much appreciated!
    • Mrs. Shrader’s Classroom Wish List –Another year and more things are needed. I’ve been teaching for 13 years, boy it goes by quickly. I love my kids and I put so much into the classroom. I will be working at 2 schools this year with a combined population of 1,100 students. Both schools are Title I and all kids have free breakfast and lunch. I will be working with K-5 as a math specialist and could really use some of these small group things to help with Intervention. Thank you advance!


    • Mrs. Dobias’s list– Thank you for visiting my list and supporting my students! I work in a Title 1 school district. Anything you can contribute helps to get books into the hands of my students. Thank you 💙