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    Men’s Fashion Trends – Shoes

    Men’s fashion can be a strange space. But why? I’m convinced toxic masculinity traits that are part of our society have tried and in ways succeeded to beat the creativity and fun out of our young men’s lives.

    It’s rare to see creativity celebrated in young men,  instead we teach and expect responsibility…and ONLY responsibility. We say, don’t smile… especially not in pictures. In pictures you must scowl… and put your chin higher so you look taller/bigger/more intimidating. Watching this shift in your child feels surreal. In men’s fashion… red, blue & grey- SOMETIMES orange are acceptable colors to wear… nothing to “loud…” 

    Recently I found myself saying “smile!!!!” (In a happy, encouraging, way) when I was taking pictures … only to realize that many of the boys in the picture meant to have that scowl on their faces. That is how they want to be portrayed. Not happy, not having fun, not enjoying themselves…but tough, angry, tall & BIG.

    It’s a strange shift.


    I hang on to any thread, any moment, as quick as it may be, where I see who my babies are at their core. Them before expectations, responsibilities, images of what their success looks like, what they “need” to do to achieve that “success” and the overall cloud of who they need to be to fit into the box that makes others feels comfortable with their existence sets in.

    Today, I’m celebrating my 🦁 and the creative side he rarely gets to “flex.” My 🦁 is actually one of the most CREATIVE souls I know. Recently I’m seeing little glimpses into his creative side by him stepping into his own style ❤️.  I was so excited when he picked out these air force 1’s for himself! They are trendy & comfortable, but at the same time, they are fun with the splash of color on them – they are what I call a “safe chance.” 

    We need to encourage our boys to be themselves. Allow them to wear what they like. Give them the freedom to SMILE, be happy, laugh and enjoy life. The same way I work to break cycles for my daughter, I’m here to do it for my sons.



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