Best of 2021

Best of 2021



The end of 2021 is here….and while the year was nothing like what many of us imagined (after 2020) we made it. Y’all know I only share tried and true products, finds and brands I believe in. So, let’s just say, to make this list….you have to be good. I’m proud to present to you, the best beauty products of 2021. 


The breakdown


Ranavat Radiant Rani Brightening Serum – I have been in love with this brand for about 2 years now and have tried every product, own the face tool,  and am proud to say I have successfully converted many of you to join the cult following this brand has. The following is legit, especially for this product. The Radiant Rani serum uses a product mix that is known in Ayurveda as the “miracle elixir -” and it lives up to that title. This supercharged serum has powerful ingredients such as turmeric, saffron and vitamin C. While some may get sticker shock, there is not a harder working skin serum out there that will deliver results, and a VERY LITTLE goes a long way. This serum brightens your skin because it helps HEAL your skin through ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of ingredients and process. Your skin looks beautiful and bright because it is HEALTHY and feels cared for. 

Public Goods Vegan Body Wash – My son and I discovered this brand at our local Neighborhood Goods store. We were looking for a clean beauty brand that had products that would work for him that he would feel comfortable taking to school to use when getting ready in the locker room. We found just that and more. This vegan, paraben free body wash comes in a bottle with minimal and modern packaging – but there is nothing this body wash doesn’t do. It is jam packed with ingredients like essential oils of orange, geranium, cinnamon, mandarin, nutmeg, petitgrain, rosewood, celery seed, grapefruit, and vetiver. My son liked this line so much that we also bought the deodorant.  Yes, you read that right, a clean beauty deodorant that is teen boy approved and WORKS. But….the body wash…teen boy, mom, husband, daughter and other son approved….this body wash will leave your skin clean, but not feeling stripped and tight. It’s the best $4.50 product out there. 


Abhati Suisse Shampoo Bar – This brand along with their founder has captured my heart. You can read my feature on the incredible Anju Rupal here…..and after you do that….try these shampoo bars.I admit,  I was hesitant to try them. Y’all know I am not a product or brand hopper. I was content with how healthy and shiny my post thyroidectomy hair was doing with my hair regimen. But when Anju Rupal creates something, I trust it. These shampoo bars lather up, clean,  nourish & feed your hair just as well as the traditional Abhati products..AND there are different options as far as shampoo type….AND they are better for the environment as well as softer on your wallet.  It’s a win all around.  


Saint Jane Bright Repair Eye Cream –  In 2021 I tried 3 different clean beauty brand eye creams (blog post on those coming soon) and this one made the cut for the best of 2021. This eye “cream” actually has the consistency of a gel, which I LOVE. applying this eye cream is easy and it feels light on your skin. This eye cream was made to address dark circles and is advertised as anti aging…. I have personal issues with the “anti aging” label, so I won’t address that, but I can vouch for the dark circles promise.  This eye cream  has 10% vitamin C, CBD & Saint Jane Beauty ia a clean beauty brand that is also cruelty free. 


Verb Weightless Hair Oil – okay, lots of attention on my hair…I know. But if you have been part of this community for a while, you know I made the conscious decision to focus on my hair health about two years ago. That was when the switch to clean beauty & understanding safe science started. The hunt for a smoothing serum that works for my hair that does not weigh it down has been hard y’all….until now. This weightless hair oil is hydrating, helps with frizz (for real) and increases hair shine. I use this before I blow dry my hair when it is still damp. My favorite thing is that my hair stays smooth and shiny, for DAYS. 


Blinc Ultra Volume Tubing Mascara – My fascination with tubing mascara is for real y’all. Believe me when I tell you that in the past yearnI have tried at least 5 of them. The reason that this mascara made the best of 2021 is that it is buildable, without clumping, but mostly b/c I love the semi-matte finish. I don’t want shiny lashes, and I guess I never thought that was something I didn’t want until I didn’t HAVE to have it. Make sense?


Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation – The OG of serum foundations….and while others may (unethically) try to copy this product, there is only one that does what this foundation can do. This foundation is light and it’s buildable. I have built it up on my skin to see what it would feel like and I was SURPRISED because my skin could still breathe. Most foundations start to feel heavy and caked on, no matter how “light” they claim to be….not this one. There is not ONE product by this brand that doesn’t blow me away, but the foundation is one that made this list because it made me look forward to wearing makeup again. When I do use this product, I barely use any, I don’t even use the dropper, I just rub my finger on the side of the wand a few times and thats enough. I highly suggest ordering a color sampling kit before purchasing your foundation, just to make sure you get it right. 


Merit Tapered Blending Brush – I’m the first to admit, I have an untrusting relationship with make up brushes. This brush is one I consistently reach for though…’s blends everything out, is soft and gives my make up a very finished and natural look. I have used this for individual products, but the way I think I enjoy using it the most is after I put my make up on, as a blending brush. I use it on my jawline and to blend my blush and foundation into each other. 


Shaz & Kiks Prewash –   This root to scalp hair prewash was originally purchased for my son. He swims everyday for the high school swim team and I was looking for a product to save his hair  & scalp from all the chemicals. I saw Shaz and kiks at my local Credo store, and of course, since we have established the goal of healthy hair theme in my life, I bookmarked the brand in my mind as one to follow on social media. I liked what I saw and so I took a chance and messaged the Shaz & Kiks instagram account asking them about their products. I explained what I was looking for and they suggested this prewash. I ordered it for my son, and now it stays in my bathroom because I love it so much. Don’t worry…I let him use it too. This prewash is made with 20 nutrient-rich Indian herbs, oils and flowers, it delivers a high dose of vitamins A, B12, C, E and K, iron, magnesium and zinc to hair. I now go back and forth between my hair oil and this product to pretreat my hair before washing. What I notice is my hair is lighter, healthier and my scalp is handling season changes without flaking. For my son, his hair is no longer dry and brittle from the pool chemicals, his scalp is not itchy anymore and his hair is smoother. 


Samreen’s Vanity Hawke’s Bay Gel Eyeliner – I got on my instagram stories to share my excitement about this product. Eye liner has always been hard for me, and I know a lot of this is in my head, but it’s what I prefer. I don’t like wearing black eyeliner (especially during the day) because it appears harsh on my skin tone, and a traditional brown tends to be too light. Enter this warm brown, ALMOST black eyeliner by Samreen’s Vanity. This is the eyeliner I have been looking for my whole adult life. It has a gel consistency, goes on smooth, DOES NOT SMUDGE, and is the perfect color. I wear this color day or night, it’s versatile and easy to apply. 


Live Tinted Hue Guard – The product that made me cry. But before I go on, I have to share, Live Tinted is a brand I am personally invested in. This product is just so incredible that I HAVE to share it. This mineral SPF works well alone but was also created to be a make up primer as well. This innovative product blends seamlessly into skin, with NO WHITE CAST on ALL skin tones. The first time I tried it, I cried. It may sounds superficial to some people, but I think the tears came for many reasons..but the one I want to talk about is this: I don’t think I realized the discomfort I felt trying to make products that weren’t made for me work for me. It was freeing to know that I didn’t need to “fit,” but instead, this was made to “fit” me. Try it. For real. No matter what your skin tone, this product will work for you. 


And there you have it, the best of 2021, beauty edition. 


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