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    5 books every woman should read

    5 Books Every Woman Should Read


    1. Capital by Thomas Picketty: In the spring of 2021 I watched 5 minutes of the film (documentary version) of this book. I found myself nodding and agreeing with many points that were being made.  If you want to understand what drives the industries that feed our minds through marketing and mold the world around us, this book is for you. Maybe the answers are not as oversimplified as the author suggests they are, but Thomas Picketty breaks down many of the issues that need to be fixed in order for us to create a sustainable world. 

    2.  Many Lives, Many Masters – Written by psychotherapist , Bryan Weiss, this book details the journeys of multiple patients uncovering their past life trauma. The author shares details of how these traumas and memories from past lives help create the person that lives today. Even if the idea of reincarnation is not interesting to you, I suggest reading this book for the stories told. 

    3. Little Fires Everywhere – Yes, yes, yes, there IS a show on Hulu based on this series, with an amazing cast that includes women like Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon.  If you aren’t a reader, then sure – watch the show. But however you can…..get this story and these words in your mind.  The author, Celeste Ng, does an incredible job of creating relatable characters that you love, hate, can relate to, and force you to reflect on your own interactions in the world. 

    4. Bad Feminist  – A collection of essays that are “political and they are personal, They are, like feminism, flawed, but they come from a genuine place,” is how the author, Roxanne Gay, describes the book in the introduction. It’s humorous, real, thought provoking and will leave you feeling connected to every woman who has ever existed. 

    5. The Feminine Mystique – Some may say this book is the one that kicked off the rise of feminism in the 1960’s. Look, even if you don’t feel comfortable with the term “feminist” (we will explore that another time,) this book is a MUST read. the author, Betty Friedan, challenged the idea that women should feel complete with. marriage and family, and called out society pushing the belief that women were not as intelligent as men.

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