Devika Chand Dandona

Dallasite Devika Chand-Dandona has made it her mission to help others by serving her community. After successfully launching a company  with her husband, Devika launched Devi Collective as a way to highlight founders and brands that make a positive impact on their communities.

Devika’s love for giving back to others stems from a long line of strong women, who are based all over the world,  that have the same values and belief’s that Devika shares. Traveling for much of her childhood, Devika realized that the world is bigger than just her and became aware of the social impact one individual can make.

Using today’s advantages of social media and her background in design, Devika started Devi Collective where people can learn about brands and founders that are making a difference in the world and how as consumers, we can support them. Devi Collective has made it’s mark in the blogging world by defying the idea that “uncomfortable topics” should not be. or more importantly CANNOT be discussed by people who are also interested in lighthearted and fun topics (thats the patriarchy talking y’all….and we are NOT here for that.) Devika is most known for her ability to stretch her communities way of thinking by encouraging people to look into themselves and challenging their own ideas and actions.

Most recently, Devika has been nominated for the Victory Paint Project, which honors women in DFW who have impacted and influenced women around them.

Treating others with respect and serving selflessly make Devika the kind of woman others want to follow. By living and breathing her mission, Devika is inspiring others to use their time, influence and energy to give back and serve others.