Most Loved list

Most Loved List




The Breakdown:


Baroque Pearl and Gold Necklace – Pearl and gold is a classic combination that started it’s comeback at the end of 2021. This combination is everywhere right now, This dainty, beautiful and classic necklace is a great way to bring is into your everyday wardrobe. 



Knoxi Bootie – The block heel trend is here to stay, and all of our feet have come together for a collective sigh of relief. What I love about these booties is that the heel is realistic, the toe is wide enough for my wide feet and I love the silver detail on the back of the heel. If you are looking for a wearable, comfortable black bootie, this is the one for you. The best part, they are currently on sale. 



Monogram Pendant Necklace – This necklace has been everywhere for a few years now and it isn’t going anywhere. It has a modern and on trend minimalistic look, but embraces the classic concept of “monograming.” The angled placement of the letter in the necklace creates interest and helps this necklace lay flat on your neck. 



The Breakdown: 



Mahanadi Lip Balm – A cult fave. ( I currently have two of these in my purse.) Like many, Abhati Suisse is one of my favorite brands out there. Not only is their mission beautiful and well thought out, their products WORK. This clear lip balm moisturizes and treats lips AND I use it as a cuticle balm too… about multitasking.


Kansa Wand – One of the most indulgent skin tools out there. This skin tool uses Ayurvedic knowledge and science to detoxify and treat your skin. If you use this regularly, you will notice plumper, firmer skin. Using a tool like this also depuffs skin  and softens fine lines. While that is great and all, I focus more on the fact that I’m taking time out of my day to take care of me, and I FEEL great after using the Kansa wand on my skin.



Boatneck Long sleeve top  – The shift to sustainable and ethical fashion has been heavy but I’m very glad I’m doing this. During this shift I have discovered great brands and products that I actually like MORE than products from “before.” This boatneck long sleeve top is one of those pieces. The split hem allows the back to be slightly longer than the front, so this is legging friendly too.





Restore Soft Pocket Leggings – These are the most worn leggings in my wardrobe. I currently own them in two colors. They are buttery soft, have a wide waistband and a jogger style hem. My favorite part is that these leggings have pockets….that work. I’m tired of women’s pants with fake pockets. Also, in full disclosure, this brand has made a commitment to the shift to sustainable and ethical fashion. While they may not be perfect in this, none of us are, and I appreciate their openness about this shift. 


Wild Flower Soap Petals – Petal shaped soaps – how beautiful are these. They make the best hostess gifts or soaps for your own home. The past two years we are especially focused on washing our hands, these beautiful soaps make this seem less “uggghhh” ash and into more of an experience. These instantly elevate the decor of any space they are put in. 



Pure Silk Pillowcase – Silk pillowcases are a great way to treat your hair and skin while you sleep! Using a silk pillowcase stops hair breakage and fights against bed head….this in turn means less time “getting ready” in the morning….and we ALL know that in the AM, every second counts. The natural moisture in your skin and any skin care products you use will stay where they need to  when you sleep because silk is not a textile that pulls moisture. It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference in your day. 






Abhati Suisse Hand Soap – this hand wash has a permanent space on my guest bathroom vanity and is quickly replacing the rest f the hand soap spaces as they open up. This hand soap has active ingredients such as Indian moringa oil and antimicrobial Swiss alpine edelweiss which leave your hands treated, soft and smelling divine. This is my go to hostess gift, not only is it a luxurious hand soap, the brand itself is a give back brand – which I LOVE. 



The Long Weekend Tank Dress – This was my first purchase from Everlane and I WILL be a return customer. This midi dress is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet, and there are a few things that make this a winner in my books: 1 – ethical, Sustainable brand. 2 – ON SALE or $24 (regularly $45) 3. The textile is thicker than a regular t shirt dress, not see through and you CANNOT see lines through it. 



Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers – I’m sure these made the list because these are a great gift… someone else, or yourself:) These do have. a little platform to them, so be ready to be a little over an inch taller than you naturally are. These are comfortable and warm, but the reason these make the list of the best fuzzy home slippers is because of that strap across the back that holds your foot in place without being too tight. 




Personalized heart anklet – Anklets are on the up and coming trends list for 2022. This personalized heart anklet is minimal and beautiful. This personalized anklet also has an adjustable chain so it will fit everyone! This piece comes in two finish option – sterling silver or 14K gold filled. There is also a matching necklace and earring stud option for this, so you can make it a set if you so please. 




Monogram Pendant Necklace – Last week was about personalized finds. This initial necklace has been on trend for at least a 2 years and I’m 100% sure it is not going anywhere, it’s a great gift for anyone on your list… including yourself. 



The Bluetooth Beanie – The ultimate accessory for anyone in your world, including yourself:) this beanie has HD speakers and has a  built in microphone. This might be the best “sports parent” gift out there. I can see why this product made the most loved list. 



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