7 items to shop for during prime day

Prime Day 2021



7 items to purchase on “Prime Day”



ESDD1 tripod – This purchase will hopefully up my photography skills as well as help my bear achieve his current dream of having a youTube channel. This tripod works with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus & Panasonic cameras. If you have a nicer camera that has been collecting dust, for reasons such as  – well, living through a pandemic & the age of cell phone cameras that are JUST SO CONVENIENT, maybe it’s time to get that bigger camera out and start playing around.

Instant Pot with air fryer lid – Invented in 2009, by Robert Wang, The instant pot took the world by STORM in 2019. There are dedicated Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, blog posts and (pre pandemic) supper clubs dedicated to teaching and sharing different ways to use this versatile pressure cooker. I have made everything from yogurt to lasagna to chicken biryani in this baby – it is NOT going anywhere.  This electric pressure cooker has been a game changer in our everyday life,  we recently added the air fryer and it did not disappoint, actually my 14 year old son is the king of air-fryer in house. If you have not added this time saving magic cooking pot to your life – do it now.

3. Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee maker – I have to be honest, I used to have mixed feelings about the single cup coffee makers. I felt they were wasteful, and there was a time where I felt like one cup of coffee was not going to be enough. Then, we purchased our Nespresso machine, the pods are recyclable and the coffees SO good that you really only NEED one cup. (seriously, anymore than that and I would be a jittery crazy person. Another plus to this coffee maker – it froths the coffee, without any extra steps. There is an option to get a milk frother, but believe me, it is not necessary.

4. Keurig k-slim coffee maker -I just recently added this machine into our lives, and I was ON THE FENCE about this. We already have a single cup coffee maker and I knew it was a little bougie to have more than one, but y’all – the Donut Shop Hazelnut coffee flavor was reason enough for me to jump on this machine. Bonus – the k-cups are now recyclable which made it all the easier for me to jump on this purchase.

5. 12 X 6 soccer goal with ground stakes – this is one that my kids have been asking for. We have owned the smaller ones, and I have found that while they are convenient, they tend to fly away… it’s time to get a larger one that we can stick in place. No further explanation is needed when it comes to this purchase. 

6. Bioderma Cleansing Oil – y’all, this shower oil is in my shower and am going to stock up now and put one in every shower in our home. This shower oil is non greasy – and even though it is called a shower oil, I have to be honest and let y’all know this definetly feels like a shower gel to me. It also has a clean, light scent  that no one complains about (it’s a miracle) and is leaves everyone’s skin soft and moisturized.


7. Chi Hair Straightener – the OG of hair straighteners. These straighteners last FOREVER, in the past 20 years, I have only owned two – currently going strong with my second one. I use this to curl my hair as well – you can how to curl your hair with a straightener in this short video I created on instagram. TO BE CLEAR, the only reason I am purchasing a 3rd one is because mine magically goes missing and turns up in my minis bathroom ALL THE TIME.

Happy Shopping!

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