On trend Sunglasses for under $30


Summer 2021 Sunglasses under $30 Round up

Must wear sunglasses because:

  1. The sun literally hurts my eyes
  2.  I have been conditioned to constantly worry about the wrinkles the sun damage will cause around my eyes (I am working on this….)

So here is the thing….I cannot spend a LARGE amount of money on sunglasses. I just can’t. You know when you see all these bloggers and influencers sharing their favorite “brand name” sunglasses….and they delicately pull them out of a glasses case…..I’m not that person. You know why? it’s because I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around taking care of something ELSE. Like, a glasses case…that is just another step in life that I do not have the time for right now.

The steps to own and take care of a pair of sunglasses that are over $30 are steps I do not have the energy for. here is a list of things I NEED to be able to do with my sunglasses in order to maintain my mental sanity:

  1. throw my glasses in my purse

     2. wear them on my head and then forgot where they are.

     3.leave them in the passenger seat of my car where anyone can come in and sit on them (a personal favorite)

     4.put them down at my mini’s soccer games (for anyone to step on) 

     5. not think about them at all

This is going to come out wrong, but I’m going to go for it anyway…..I do love many pieces in my wardrobe (accessories included) that have nothing to do with the price, but more about the style, how they fit me, etc. And if I broke or lost ANY of those pieces, I would be sad. But if I broke or lost a piece that I paid a lot of money for…..that would hurt in a different way. I cannot add the “sunglasses case” to my life. I already almost fall out of my car anyway, like i just can’t.

 I put together a post of my favorite and most on trend sunglasses for under $30. Y’all, these are great finds that will not be an added “step” in your life.




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