Putting a ring on it


Do you wear your engagement/wedding ring every day? I don’t. I actually have rarely worn ANY rings since becoming a mom.

But, do y’all remember that story where I had my engagement ring on (this is in the world of instagram) … and I asked a question? All of the responses were, “show us your ring!” Or something close to that. Seriously, I think like maybe 2 people answered my legit question. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

That whole experience got me thinking about why I don’t wear my ring on a daily basis, and really, it’s because I never saw or felt a NEED to do so. When I first got engaged-yes, I wore my ring like non stop…but as motherhood and life took over, it just seemed like one more thing for me to “do,” it was part of a performance that I did not have time to and did not CHOOSE to participate in. 

So, I guess I never got into the habit of wearing my ring. But lately, I’ve been having fun with mixing metals by stacking small, dainty designs. I love doing this because these rings don’t get in my way, and each day I can stack the rings, or just wear one if I want…. I love that it can be something different everyday.

I’m having fun with these ring stacks, I won’t be heartbroken if something gets lost, well, I might be, but it won’t hit my wallet sooo hard if I need to replace any of these pieces, so I can be my forgetful self without the weight of any serious repercussions haunting my mind.

Everyday fashion & design should always feel fun, lighthearted, simple, bright & #notsobasic, and definitely not like a performance…what do you think?

You can shop the ring stack I created by clicking on the links below:



I have this ring in silver, yellow gold and rose gold. I wear them together, alone, or mix them up in a ring stack (as I did in picture 2)




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