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I discovered Gressa when their founder, Svetlana, posted an IGTV on the subject of “clean beauty” and her (and many founders) frustration over large companies adopting the ideas of “clean beauty” now that they know it will sell. I had no idea who she was and knew nothing about her brand- but y’all, this woman spoke on this subject with such passion-  I watched the whole thing twice! I messaged her, not expecting a response back, but just to send a “I like what you are saying here…” message. Svetlana replied back, and I think at this point, we speak on a daily basis. (I am convinced that my virtual girlfriends are more supportive than half the people I’ve met in real life – anyone else?)

Here we are – The path to simplicity… we’ve been talking about it for a while now, right?

Thank goodness for clean beauty brands like gressa that make staying on this path seem doable.  If you have been here around here a while, you know I have a slight obsession with skin care, and despite my lack of wearing make up on a daily basis, I love makeup too. 💋

For all the OG’s, you know I have to try a product for a while, and absolutely LOVE it for it to make the feed and or my blog. And y’all, these gressa products are making both!


NOURISH Purifying oil: Is it possible to have a “smart product” that just knows where your skin needs moisture & what nutrients it’s lacking? Bc I definitely feel like NOURISH is just that. Since this “smart product” gives my skin exactly what it needs, my skin looks healthier, feels softer and has a natural glow 💪🏼❤️

I use this in the mornings. It’s lightweight & has the perfect amount of moisture for my combination skin. Many products say you only need a dime size amount… I always end up using more… but with this oil, a dime size amount is exactly right. 💪🏼 I ran out of this product before my new order arrived, so I used some of the skin oils I used to use to hold me over. Y’all, after using NOURISH, my previous “go to’s” have a plastic and almost gritty feeling to them… I just can’t go back.

MINIMALIST – Corrective Serum Foundation: Everyone of my friends/family in my circle who have tried this product have ordered one for themselves. It’s a buildable product that gives skin a radiant, flawless, but NATURAL finish. The texture of this product is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and y’all know I’ve tried like everything. 😘 I hardly have to use any of this product to achieve that flawless finish on my skin! Seriously, I just touch the wand with my finger and that’s enough for my whole face!

I also love the shade range that this brand offers, as it is more inclusive than many larger brands that have no excuse for not offering a variety of shades (Shame on them.)

Trying to find your perfect shade? I suggest reaching out to on Gressa’s website, or trying one of their shade matching sets before purchasing your full size product. 

EYE TINT- color BRONCE – I have not used this as a full eyeshadow yet. I have taken a brush and smudged it along my lash line to give the look of soft eyeliner – and y’all, it does the job & stays in place.

Truth: I mostly did this because I think I’ve forgotten how to use eyeliner this past year… and hey, IT WORKS!

When I do get to the point where I’m going places again, I’m sure I’ll use this as an all over eyeshadow as well – just one sweep on your lid with your finger and DONE.

It’s one foot in front of the other on this path to find simplicity. I love sharing this journey with y’all. ❤️

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