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Ways to help India




As y’all know I am Indian and very proud of my heritage. Most of my family still lives in India and it is heartbreaking to see how Covid19 is causing so much death, loss and devastation.  I have spent time researching ways to be of help since I am not able to physically go and be with my family. If you are able please consider donating and/or sharing with others that you know who may be willing to help.


Mission India Lifeline

Helping to bring oxygen concentrators to Indians – members of my family are working directly with this organization. 


The Desai Foundation: 

We are heartbroken by the current situation in India, which we have been following closely. We are working with our team, organizations on the ground, and larger institutions to implement what is needed locally on the ground. We are also ramping up for the support that will be needed in the future. We are working hard to support the 1,000 rural communities we serve in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan. We have identified the ways for the Desai Foundation to be of most service immediately, and for what will be needed in the future. Outlined below is our focus.The US government has began the process to provide aide to India. We encourage you all to contact your local representatives to ensure that pressure leads to action. The US has vaccines, raw materials, pop-up hospitals, emergency supplies of O2 and other materials, etc that are urgently needed in India.


All donations made to the Desai Foundation for our efforts on the ground for COVID relief will be matched 100%.


The need is urgent and dire. And your support to join these efforts is crucial. We are also welcoming partners to join us at this table to make a swift and immediate impact. Our goal is to raise $250,000 in 2 weeks.



Megha Desai, President

You can donate directly to the foundation by clicking here

Here are few other vetted organizations working to provide much needed aid. You can find out more about the organization and donate to their cause by simply clicking their name.


Feeding India 

Feeding India is providing hospitals and patients with oxygen and related supplies. 


Help Now 24×7

HelpNow is an Initiative by young students providing a safe, 24×7 logistics network for transporting COVID patients/suspects, Drugs, Phlebotomists, Healthcare workers (docs, nurses) and Blood/Organs/Medical supplies in India.


Give India

Give India is working to provide oxygen to patients in need, food to families battling hunger and covid19 and provide sanitary napkins to women who are currently going without,

Thank you all so much for supporting Devi Collective as it has grown through the years and thank you in advance for all of your efforts to help support India and its people as it faces this battle with Covid 19.

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