Natural Deoderant, the (hopefull) FINAL update

Natural Deodorant:

The (let’s hope) FINAL update

We have been on the natural deodorant path for a while now. The proof of this can be found in this blog post from the spring of 2019. If you know me personally you know that when I do something, I’m ALL IN. Here is where I was at, I tried a natural deodorant from Native, and I loved the scent, thought it was effective, it was great. But a little while into it, my under arms started to itch….it’s all documented in the post I linked earlier, so I will pick up where the story from the spring of 2019 left off.

I thought I had found the one. The Farmacy Freshen up All Natural Deodorant was working for me, and I was really happy about it. But then, something happened….SUMMER IN TEXAS,  and I found myself reapplying often and the deodorant started to have a sticky texture. I say this with caution, because I don’t necessarily think this is an issue with the deodorant, my thyroid medicine was (still) not balanced and I think a lot of this had to do with my hormones. (I fully embrace almost 40 year old hormonal stage of life I’m living.)  I ran out of deodorant one day, and I did not feel like going to to Sephora and picking up another one. When I look back I realize I did not follow through with this deodorant because I was grossed out by the texture that the mix of my hormones, summer in Texas and the natural gel consistency of the product and so I just dropped it.

The motivation was lost so I just went to my local Target and picked up the same brand I had been using since I was young. I thought it was a “hold me over” but in all honesty, it lasted a LONG time. Every time I repurchased my life long deodorant I would get mad at myself and a little voice would go off in my head saying, “Devika, you need to find a new natural deodorant!” But, in true Devika fashion, and as a mom of 3, I just did what was convenient.

Earlier this year we were given the opportunity to be “still.” I know, the country shut down, but I really embraced this time and refocused a lot of my energy. One thing I was intentional about was self care, and on the top of my list was revisiting the products I use on my face and body. The switch back to natural deodorant was inevitable, because when you read and research about the ingredients that is in conventional deodorant and the side effects…yeah, just no.

When you are quarantined and going nowhere, trying out different deodorants and finding out one doesn’t work does not have as large of a social impact and if that information was discovered when you are out and about. So, I explored. I started looking up brands, reading reviews, researching ingredients…I mean, who did I think I was, @Devsday or @according2Nick? The information out there is intense y’all, and I went down a dark hole of reading, clicking, being horrified and then reading some more.

Then one day when I was researching local non profit organizations (completely unrelated but I’m trying to be as honest here as possible) I came across a page for the Pink Peppermint Project. I loved their mission and immediately reached out to their founder, Shantaquilette. We got on a call and started talking about all things in life (I really love social media for this reason right here, I have met some of the BEST people on social media) and she told me about her beauty brand, GirlBNatural. Yall, they had a natural deodorant and the Shataquilette graciously offered to send me samples so I could try it out along with a glam box from Pink Peppermint Project.

The package and I was so excited to open it. I did an entire instagram story about the mission behind the Pink Peppermint Project, but decided to be quite about the deodorant, because I wanted to try it for an extended period of time before I took a position on if I loved it or not. The first time I used the GirlBNatural Deodorant, I knew I was going to LOVE IT. The texture is not sticky like other natural deodorants I have tried, and the scent was incredible and most of all, it was EFFECTIVE. Also, I did not go through a detox period, which I was honestly surprised about.  The product made my instagram feed, which if you follow that account, I have to REALLY believe in a product for that to happen. Now, it’s has made it’s way onto the blog, which means I not only believe in the product but that it is now made it’s way to my “permanent” shelf.

If you are looking to do the switch to natural deodorant, I cannot recommend this product enough. Let me know if you try it out! I would love to hear your feedback!


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