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Diwali season is here y’all, and to celebrate I want to highlight as many South Asian owned brands as I can! But, before I share them with y’all I want to make sure I believe in the brand and the product is effective. I found just that when I discovered the brand AAVRANI.

We will get to the products in a minute, but first things first – want to share a little bit about Rooshy Roy , the founder of this New York based holistic beauty brand. Rooshy is a child of immigrants from Kolkata, India. When asked about her childhood, she says something that many NRI’s (Non Resident Indians) including myself can relate to,


“…I grew up bouncing back and forth between cultures – too Indian or too American at any given point in time.”


Literally EVERY NRI (or NON RESIDENT DESI)  EVERYWHERE can relate to this. I feel heard.

But let’s get to the products y’all…..

My personal faves are the Eye Rejuvenating Elixir and the Glow Activating Exfoliator.

Weaving family, culture, and business has been executed beautifully in this brand. An example of how the CEO, Rooshy did this is when she described the inspiration behind the Glow Activating Exfoliator, “…I [Rooshy] remember my grandmother sitting me down in front of her. First, she would massage a mixture of egg whites, coconut oil and castor oil into my hair. Later, she applied a turmeric-based mixture, with variations of raw honey, chickpea flour, neem oil, and coconut milk, onto my face.”

To reiterate…I FEEL SEEN.

This exfoliator is gentle, it WORKS, and I feel safe using it on my family as well because of the natural and holistic ingredients and approach that is implemented in creating the products. The Eye Elixir is moisturizing, feels SOOO GOOD and helps brighten & tighten ( who doesn’t want that?) the skin around your eyes with natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, rose water and avocado oil while LEAVING OUT ingredients such as mineral oil, parabens and sulfates.

But let’s get to what you all really want to know….

IS THERE A DEVI DEAL so we can try out this beautiful brand? OF COURSE THERE IS!! Use the code: Devi20 to save 20% off SITEWIDE with NO Minimum purchase. Code expires November 20th.


Happy Diwali Month!!!






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