Action Required

Action Required.

Do something about it


Remember that time a fashion blogger I follow posted about my favorite joggers (that I own in multiple colors – of course) and I felt so with it..UNTIL she announced that these were definitely “at home” joggers and she would not leave the house in them? Well, I just bought another pair. They came out with a new camo print that purple in it….to be clear, I will be leaving the house in these.

But let’s talk about the serious things here – thats what we do – share fashion, beauty and sometimes lifestyle finds with a dose of reality (and depth) in the caption – right? I don’t really know how to tag line that and I’m open to suggestions.

Yesterday I touched on the unnecessary shooting of Jacob Blake. As more information about this attempted murder comes out I sit here more confused than ever. But this is NOT ABOUT ME.

This is about the message we are sending to the Black community in the US by both action and inaction:

1.You could be asleep in your house, have done nothing wrong….and we can still come in and murder you….with NO repercussions. (#BreonnaTaylor)
2. We can just decide that you threaten us, just because of your skin color, force you down to the ground and put our KNEE on your NECK and choke you to death. (#GeorgeFloyd)
3. Why are you so happy and smiling? Why do you exist in the space at this time? We will beat you to death, and even when you are apologizing during the beating, we won’t stop. (#ElijahMcCain)
4. Even everyday citizens can decide to kill you. And we will find them not guilty of murder Also, they will make thousands of dollars when they sell the gun they used to murder you online. (#Tray

These are not even CLOSE to all the examples I could cite – I am going to assume we ALL know that. 

Does this represent how YOU feel about the Black community in America? I’m going to say that this is NOT a representation of how I feel. This is why we NEED to be LOUDLY ANTI RACIST. We have to speak up and speak out before the Black people in the United States face have to deal with any more TRAUMA. You might read that last sentence and think – Okay, Devika, stop being SOOOO dramatic…Nobody is experiencing trauma. 

Just imagine if the country you lived in sent you friendly reminders such as the ones I have listed above on let’s say (an average) of a bi monthly basis. Would you feel safe even leaving your house? Probably not, but you would have to find the strength to do so. Let me equate it to something most Americans can relate to. Do you remember how we felt on September 11, 2001. When planes crashed into buildings, people lost their lives just for being AMERICAN, people lost their loved ones, just because they were American. The amount of shock, trauma, sadness & anger that swept through our country was immense. Then came the resentment and the NEED for revenge. The point is, that the trauma American’s lived through on September 11, 2001 is something none of us will forget. Now can you imagine experiencing that trauma on a bi monthly basis? Also, you cannot acknowledge you are traumatized, you are expected to just go about life as usual and make sure you make other people feel comfortable that you exist. It’s got to be exhausting y’all. 

The trauma we FORCE the Black community in America to live through is horrifying and also inhumane. How and why should a Black person feel safe in this country?  We tell our Black friends exactly what we think by our actions, or in many cases, inaction. If you find yourself trying to justify WHY the shooting of a Black man is okay, just know you are part of the trauma. If you say things like “I don’t have to say anything about how I feel…my friends know…” you are w


Today I’ve heard all the reasons about why shooting Jacob Blake was okay. Now, I’m not saying any of these things are FACTS, I’m saying what has been said to me – 


*he was a rapist

*he had a warrant out for his arrest

*he was beating a woman

*He was resisting arrest


But see, you can list all the reason WHY..there could be millions of them….but the fact remains, he had his back to the officers. Since when did a Black man that isn’t facing you, a threat to your life? There is not good reason why he was shot. There just isn’t. The worst part of this trauma is that these Black people are being killed by the same people who are supposed to protect them. It’s seems like an endless cycle of emotional and physical abuse between society and the Black community in the US. As white and POC people in this country we have to be loud and obnoxious about the need for change. 


The undercurrent of racism in the US does not represent the way the majority of people think –  I know that. Unfortunately for us –  many times we are defined by the society in which we live. And I refuse to be defined by this. This is not what I believe. But here is the thing, we are not helpless. So now it’s time to do the hard work. We cannot continue to expect the Black community to be responsible for exposing racism where it exists and we have to lead the charge when it comes to calling for change. I’m going to share something a woman who I sat on a panel with, A’mera Frieman said…


I’m 1800s tired


That really sat with me. 1800s tired. 


Time to step up y’all. look within yourselves, address your inner bias, work on them. Then think to yourself – am I okay with what society is letting happen? If you are on this page, reading this post, my guess is your answer will be no. 







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