Originally, I had a completely different caption for this post. I wanted to talk about my relationship with my mini, how she changed my life, and how in this beautiful chaos we call living, we always find a way to find our “girl time.”

While all those things are true and it would be an amazing mother daughter post, i’m going to share something else with you all instead.

As a parent, the first day of school can be nerve wracking, right? It’s a mix of excitement, nervousness, it feels bittersweet in your heart because it means that your baby is growing, but at the same time you feel happiness FOR your child that they are growing – parenting is a permanent push and pull of emotions. Also, just for reference – we have two sons and one daughter, so the lead up to the first day of school is a little (TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT) different.

First day of school a few. years ago, and it was time for picking up in the afternoon. I was excited to hear how their days went, but as a mom of 3 busy kids, I also knew the goal was to get my mini home, get a snack,change and leave ASAP for dance class. I wanted to hear about her classes, her teachers, if her friends were in her classes, where she sat at lunch, how she felt in the outfit she decided to wear – which as a female, we all know the first day of school outfit “sets the tone” for fashion for the year – you know, just EVERYTHING.

On our way to dance, she started to tell me about something that happened in class. How a boy had made a comment that my daughter did not feel comfortable with and then i heard my baby girl’s voice say, “…and so then i told him – THAT”S RACIST…..” and she continued on with her detailed description of her day as if nothing happened. In that moment her voice drowned out, and without knowing it, my daughter (once again) amazed me. I felt that permanent pull again –  I saw both beauty and ugliness in the same second. Beauty because my daughter did something it took me SO long to do, she called a racist out. She didn’t question herself about “should I do this? I don’t want to make waves…” She just followed her truth. Ugliness because

1. I felt a some of my baby girl’s innocence had been taken
2. I  realized that in 2018, racist “ideals” and white supremacy were still being taught to the next generation.

I was shocked that my daughter didn’t realize that saying something to this person would have taken some level of strength – That is where we need to be as a society. It should be UNUSUAL to be racist, & it should be THE NORM to call them out.

If you know my daughter, you know she is intelligent, strong, talented, beautiful, and magical all in one.I feel honored to be her mom, because this girl is going places, and she is telling people off while she is on her way. And to the moms that tell me my daughter has a “strong personality” as if it is something negative, I thank you for the compliment.

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