Be ANTI – Racist

It is not enough to be quietly non-racist, Now is the time to be vocally ANTI – racist.

Here we are. AGAIN. More lives lost, more actions taken with the assumption that being racist and hateful is the norm. And one big SIGH of just being tired of it all – from the African American community, minorities from all backgrounds and people who have been fighting and/or dealing with social injustice for some time now. Why do you think people are racist? What I do know – this is wrong. I also know this has been happening, it’s not new.

A few weeks ago I posted and used the phrase COMPASSION WITHOUT COMPARISON (On my instagram.) I had many respectful conversations (and some not so respectful) with people who didn’t agree with me, people who don’t think racism “really exists anymore” and with people who were just over it all, felt sad, angry, and hopeless. A few people told me that it wasn’t my problem b/c i’m not African American – I’ll be honest, that one was hard. I went into these conversations telling myself I was not going to get defensive and I was just going to listen. I don’t necessarily agree with everything I heard, but I LISTENED and PROCESSED and tried to see the others point of view. Here is what i walked away with:

1. there is a fear of the unknown.
2. Some believe in the concept of a social heirarchy when it comes to race.
3. Some people are racist jerks and they will justify their hate with anything they can – including religion. (ew)

At the time I thought the 3rd group of people were the scariest. But then i saw what happened in Central Park, and the 4th option – the one that ASSUMES RACISM IS THE NORM – they might be the scariest. *

But here we are again. And while opening a dialogue is the first step to get where we need to go as a society, it is not enough. What are your thoughts?

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