Radio silence.

That’s what has been blasting out (or not) on the Devi Collective blog lately.

Here’s my reflection on why:

– I did not expect that this blog would grow as quickly as it did. For some reason, a part of me was very shocked. All of a sudden, a lot of people wanted to know what I had to say all at once. And they are SIGNING UP TO FOLLOW ALONG AND READ MY THOUGHTS AND THEY LIKE MY STYLE?

– There started to be this immense pressure to create content that was “on brand.” But wait…what is my brand? As you all know, I started this blog as a way to use my love for and eduction in design to raise money for non-profit organizations.

– Through the process of figuring this out, I started 4Philanthropy as a way to bridge the gap between the influencer world and the non-profit space.

– I had never planned to send out ‘weekly newsletters’ necessarily but once my blog grew so quickly, I started to overthink it in a major way. Everyone always said the key to success with blogging is CONSISTENCY. Well, umm….there was no way I was able to be consistent with this. I couldn’t force myself to come up with topics to write about. I just felt like it would be disingenuous.

– I started talking to people who subscribe to the blog, and was HAPPY to hear that no one wants a weekly newsletter from Devi Collective. One subscriber said she loves when she sees the newsletter in her inbox because it’s like receiving a treat full of good information. I’d rather have quality content than sending out mass quantities of content that may not always be interesting to readers.
This realization took a lot of pressure off that I was feeling. It allowed me to continue enjoying this, raising money for charity & sharing my finds.

So, there it is…my first blog post since MAY 2019. Basically, it is a post explaining why I haven’t posted in so long, because you all know I’m awkward like that. Giving myself a little grace here, I did not just abandon this blog and the mission to raise funds for charity. During this time, I focused on social media, and the Devi Collective team grew to a strong team of 5. It took a few months to get into the groove and now that i feel like i’m standing on solid ground, here we are. So, if you are not already following us on Instagram and Facebook, be sure to check out our pages!

After I got over the initial shock of the success of my blog, I started to follow other bloggers on social media. I wanted to see how they did it and understand all the ins and outs of it all. It wasn’t long before a huge realization hit me: Everyone is a glorified salesperson. HEAR ME OUT. They put a lot of hard work into their brand without a doubt. A lot of pictures are taken and you have to leave your insecurities behind. A lot of preparation, writing, and context goes into the process, and then they HOPE that people are convinced to purchase these items so they can make a percentage of the sale. THIS IS 1000000% NOT ME. I don’t want to lead people down the path of consumerism AT ALL. What I really want to do is share my finds that I know about, own, believe in & love. If they work for people, then that’s great! They can purchase through my links and a portion of the sale will go to Vins Army.

So, I basically had a breakdown about why I started this blog and completely questioned what the point was supposed to be. I freaked out, researched a whole lot, only to realize that I’m not becoming someone that I never wanted to be and that I didn’t want to lose myself to the world of consumerism. PHEW…..that was a whole lot…and I feel better!

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this! Reach out y’all!

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