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Y’all know what a product junkie I am….so when I say I have found my favorite face mask company….TRUST ME. Once you try one of these mask, you won’t go back to the kind you have to leave on forever and then SCRAPE off your face. Graffiti Collective masks are quick, easy to put on, easy to take off, come in FUN colors, and best of all – EFFECTIVE.
There are so many layers to this product line ….so to do this line of products justice, I did a quick Q & A with the founder, Sheila Patel.
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Scroll down to read how this driven woman is not only shaking up the beauty world, but is making waves within the art space.
** *Visit www.GraffitiCollective.Com. When you checkout with code VINSARMY 30% of your sale will be donated to Vin’s Army*** Happy shopping!!

Tell us about your background

Prior to starting my own indie beauty company, I was a brand development executive at LBrands, managing the Bath & Body Works Core Signature Collection men’s and women’s fragrant body care business. So for nearly 15 years, I have been concepting and launching products in categories ranging from skin care to fine fragrance. I actually started my professional journey in management consulting and built a career in corporate beauty but this new venture channels my true passion and creative spirit.

What inspired you to start such a cutting edge company/Did you see or feel there was a specific gap in the beauty industry?

If you take a close look at the skincare category, you’ll find a sea of similar products that are either Instagram-friendly or clean/clinical to signal high quality, but not necessarily both. I questioned why people had to choose between Insta-worthy and high quality.  I wondered why the most high quality products seemed to focus on your flaws versus making you feel confident with the skin you’re in.  The truth is good skincare isn’t gender specific and with thoughtful formulation, can be fun and effective.
So to fill this void and rethink how we approach skincare, I created Graffiti Collective, an urban art inspired, gender-free skincare brand that combines highly effective formulas with bold color to encourage every human to embrace their face.

Can you explain how do you find the artists you use for your packaging? What type of relationships do you build with them?

I find artists mainly through the NY art scene. They have been incredibly welcoming and taken me in as their student and really inspire me.  Since launch, we have collaborated with 8 artists from around the world – each inspiring collaboration has taught me so much about living your truth and pursuing your passion.
For our packaging, I found artist @kitsunejolene on Instagram and instantly connected to her work. I reached out to her and found that we were both embracing being fearless in our pursuits…it was the perfect person for our first collab. In 2018, she painted our first wall in Belgium and we captured it as the art for our entire launch assortment. With every purchase, consumers get a piece of her art with her tag included on the inside lid. At Graffiti Collective, we try to connect the consumers to the artists that inspire us.
 – BTS on the Belgium Project:

Tell us about any challenges you faced in building your brand. 

As crazy as it sounds, when I went to create a e-commerce driven beauty brand…I didn’t know anything about how to create an e-commerce driven beauty brand. By that, I mean, I didn’t know how to code a website or all that was involved to create an e-commerce site.  But, if I wanted to succeed, I just had to figure it out.  And like most things I have passion behind, I went into the vortex. I studied website after website, trying to understand user experience and develop a point of view on how I wanted people to engage with my brand. I learned how to do basic HTML and created a test website just so I could speak the language with developers without sounding like an idiot. I designed my initial site in Powerpoint (cringe)…and while the crux of some that work remains…ultimately, I brought on people that could translate what I had started into something more than I ever could have imagined or done myself.

Now, the best part. you have these amazing products – tell us a little bit about each, what YOU love about them but then – tell us which is your favorite!

Graffiti Collective products are vegan, gender free and custom formulated with no parabens, no sulfates, no harsh chemicals.  Our products are made in the US and are recyleable…though we love to upcycle them too!

We launched with four face masks that combine active natural ingredients with highly expressive color AND do what they say they’re going to do. The masks are designed to paint on smooth, hold their color while they work (in as little as 5 minutes!) and wipe off clean with a single swipe.
I can’t pick a favorite but I certainly have different times I use each one.
On a dry day, I use Hustle & Glow all the way – it brings back the shine and makes my skin look and feel healthy.  And it’s just fun…once you let all of the plant based moisturizers like squalane, olive oil and jojoba seed soak in, your face turns to a sheet of gold.  It wipes clean, but if you need a little glow, you can leave some on under your makeup – it’s beautiful.
Clean Slate is my jam if I wake up tired or I had one too many glasses of wine the night before.  The kaolin and bentonite clay draws out the toxins and the peppermint oil instantly wakes up my face.  It’s perfect for the morning…I wake up, paint it on, brush my teeth and then just wash it off in the shower.
Pure Grit is for the days when I haven’t slept and have been wearing more makeup than usual for GC events or I just wake up with a zit. The walnut shells and papaya enzyme dissolve dead skin cells and the bentonite clay works hard to detoxify…but the best part, when you paint your face that bold blue, you just forget about your zit. It’s a great feeling.
Street Rose is my go to everyday.  It’s a gentle clay formula that actually leaves my face hydrated and brightened.  The kaolin does the hard work of smoothing my face but ingredients like vitamin e, oat, and allentoin work to even my skin tone.  I can’t let too many days go by without it…my face needs this fix on the regular.
 Local to Dallas? 
You can also find us in Dallas at the Canvas hotel.  Clean Slate and Hustle & Glow are an in-room amenity and the full size is available at the front desk.
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