Natural Deodorant – the Update

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Here’s the deal. We tried. We REALLY did. I was all happy with our families switch to natural deodorant, everyone had their own scent, we were part of the clean beauty life, we had DONE IT. I even wrote an entire blog post (patting myself on the back) about how our entire family went natural.

But then, it happened. Out of no where – at first at the wierdest times I would start to feel itchy in my armpits…..super gross…becuase of course it would happen when I was out and about. But then I noticed tiny bumps starting to form in all my itchy spots. My husband started commenting about the same things happening to him…so then started my research.

Let me take you through the research process I stick to when it comes to all things beauty product related.

  • log in to Instagram
  • get to @Devsday page as fast as I can
  • immediately ask questions via DM, wait for answers (she’s so good at doing this quickly)
  • follow all things @Devsday said because she is the ultimate in beauty blogging.

The golden nugget of information that @Devsday gave me was that a lot of people have the reaction to natural deodorant that we were (that was comforting to know that we are not TOTAL WEIRDOS). The ingredient that caused this? BAKING SODA!!!! Here I was, sitting on my sofa completely amazed that a natural product caused us all to break out the way we were. I mean, y’all – we were UNCOMFORTABLE.

The research for a natural deodorant that did not have baking soda began.  I was actually doing it, not asking @Devsday and of course,   I was getting overwhelmed.  During this time I continued to use the baking soda armpit rash causing deodorant, don’t ask me why. Anyway, at time I also needed a new make up remover that actually works, so one afternoon I found myself wandering into Sephora. Sometimes I just END UP there, y’all – I don’t even know it’s happening!

I shared my underarm situation with one of my faves that has worked there for YEARS and her eyes lit up! She was so excited and told me how the same thing happened to her. But then she found the right product. And it was there – in SEPHORA! She showed it to me, my itchy underarm self grabbed it and that’s the end of the story. I found a natural deodorant that works for me, no skin rash, no itchy arm pits, it just glides on, doesn’t stain my clothes and it WORKS.

If you have been on the fence about trying a natural deodorant, you are welcome.  Look no further, because this one is it.



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