2nd Kind Beauty

2nd Kind Beauty

Brazilian Clay Mask


Is everyone else loving the clean beauty trend? Get on this wagon ya’ll, cause I’m about to introduce you to one of my fave new brands out there – 2nd Kind Beauty. The Brazilian Clay & Lavender cleanser is one of the most SOOTHING products I have ever put on my face.

About the Company: 

The founder of this Dallas based beauty company, Kristin, says that her inspiration for starting the company was because she saw a gap in the world of skincare….” I came to the realization that there weren’t many beauty brands that were natural, cruelty-free, toxin-free, paraben-free & most importantly, harsh chemical-free that fit in with my cool girl vibe.” UMMMMMMMM YESSSSSS. I can absolutely get on board with this. 

This women owned company strives to teach self love and care to all their clients. The overall message is not “use my product and only THEN you will be beautiful….” like many of the marketing strategies out there. Instead their goal is “… for others to find a love within themselves like the one I found. I strongly believe that there are many types of self love in this world. In my humble opinion, appreciation for who you truly are is the 1st kind and skincare is the 2nd kind. As we travel along this journey, my mission is to help guide you to the 1st by giving you the 2nd.” 


TEXTURE – Initially it feels a little like a thin cream, but not thin enough to be a lotion. 

APPLICATION – As soon as this product touches your skin the cooling and soothing sensation starts. The directions say to leave it on for  2-3 minutes before rinsing it off, honestly, I’ve left mine on for over 20 minutes because I get lost in mom-ing. No harm done – if anything I tell myself it will draw out more impurities – this is probably not true, it’s just what I tell myself so I don’t feel bad when I forget it’s on. I love that it does not get tight on your skin- you know what I mean, right?

SCENT: The relaxing lavender scent of this face mask is a perfect way to allow yourself to unwind for a few minutes a day.

EFFECTIVENESS: The Brazilian Clay & Lavender face cleanser  soothed my skin and left my face feeling soft and clean without any harsh and hard chemicals. Honestly, I use this as a daily cleanser and am very happy with the results. Allergy season is upon us, and I don’t know about everyone else, but my skin gets agitated and I feel the itchy, sometimes I get spots of redness, this is the perfect, natural cleanser that effectively helps with these issues. 

Self love, empowerment, natural & clean products, make me a HUGE fan of 2nd Kind Beauty. You know what sold me though? Their passion for giving back to the community. Portions of EVERY SALE of the Vibrational Beauty Collection Set go towards  to various charities who benefit the fight against animal cruelty, women’s and children’s organizations.


I’m SOLD ya’ll. 





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